The Fund


Being the first impact investment fund in New Zealand, we intentionally designed the fund to fit the needs and state of the New Zealand emergent impact enterprise sector. That sector is characterised by limited deal flow and relatively small “seed” stage deals. We therefore needed a small fund which would invest with explicit impact intent, would provide strong financial returns to investors, and would facilitate angel investors and angel funds to invest alongside us. We also seek to support our portfolio companies as they need, with a particular focus on the impact models and how they are blended with their business models. 

The Awhi Fund exists to change things - to shift the market. So we’ve designed it for that purpose. That means we look different - we’re far smaller, operate more nimbly, and do not have the usual costly structures that traditional funds have, simply because these things are part of what makes it harder to operate outside of market norms. And you can’t shift market norms while complying with them! 

The Awhi Fund is closed to further investors and is now being actively deployed.


Aims of The Awhi Fund


Getting growth capital into early stage impact enterprises.

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Supporting those enterprises to scale.


Providing an investment opportunity to leaders looking for change.

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Bringing “impact discernment” and diligence to deals with other investors.


Our Portfolio Companies


Investment Criteria

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