Two years ago, Arash, the Founder of Kara Tech, lost his hearing in his left ear which started his journey to investigate and understand the problems facing the deaf community. On his journey, he found that there was a huge accessibility gap to content for the community. With more than 70 million deaf people in the world who do not have proper access to education and other services, Kara Tech aims to solve this accessibility problem. 

The technology provides accessibility to generally accepted information using sign language by using artificial intelligence (AI) to power a digital human called Niki. AI is used to provide the human touch while maintaining scalability. Niki is a hyper-realistic avatar who is responsible for translating a variety of media content such as video, audio, or text into New Zealand sign language. Niki’s high fidelity face and emotional expressions gives her the ability to be fully independent from a human and communicate without any barriers.