In New Zealand, significant regulatory change is coming into effect to manage nutrients and water. These, along with a building negativity surrounding dairying and the environment, mean farmers must act or face major restrictions on farming practice. 

Regen’s purpose is to improve the environmental, economic and sustainability outcomes of farming, ultimately contributing to a world where farming is synonymous with kaitiakitanga (sustainable environmental stewardship). 

Specialising in sensor data, their cloud based agri-tech digital services enable a reduction in irrigated water use, improved pasture growth, increased profitability, and reduced nitrate leaching.

Using their technology, farmers can manage water irrigation, nitrogen use and dairy effluent within environmental standards while maximising the economic benefits of efficient use of resources. Case studies show annual savings of well over NZ$50,000 on a 350ha farm. 

Regen’s services not only respond to the regulatory and economic drivers for farmers locally, but also create a unique opportunity for large-scale producers internationally to authenticate the value of the sustainable production of dairy products for the conscious consumer. 

By offering evidence-based proof of providence at a very low cost, the overall impact of the Regen technology is to reduce the environmental harms that are associated with the agricultural sector.