In the media, dire statistics surrounding climate change and global inequality are persistent. According to Oxfam, the richest 1% of the population earned 82% of wealth generated in 2017. Meanwhile at WWF, a report predicted that more than a quarter of the Amazon biome will be deforested by 2020. The current climate shows a rising global concern towards pressing environmental and social issues. 

CoGo’s solution is a data-powered platform that will drive a rapid move to more sustainable consumption patterns. The value of CoGo is simple - to connect consumers and businesses for the good of people and planet.  While consumers are able to spend more ethically and use it as an Ethical Fitbit, businesses can improve both their purpose and profit. 

Their world-first technology gives consumers the ability to voice their concerns about social and environmental issues, sharing the solutions they want to see with business leaders who are committed to doing more for people and the planet. 

By seeing the collective values and spend data of conscious consumers, businesses get the critical insights they want to implement more sustainable practices - both operationally, and in the products they choose to stock. Consumers are then able to shop more consciously, by finding and supporting stores that are taking positive action on issues that matter to them. 

Their unique proposition is that it provides businesses marketing, loyalty, insights, and accreditation services all in one place. 

By 2020, CoGo aims to have 50,000 active users and 1,100 businesses across New Zealand and the United Kingdom.