There are an estimated 500 million smallholder farming households globally. Despite being a major contributor to the massive $8T food and agriculture industry, these farmers and producers often barely scrape a living. 

Ooooby’s vision is for these small-scale farmers and producers to have viable businesses and enjoy a better quality of life. Their solution is to unite millions of small-scale food producers across a single integrated and open marketplace. 

They do this by delivering local and organic food to your doorstep, bringing the farmers market to you. Operating in Australia, New Zealand, and California (USA), Oooby have delivered over 300,000 boxes of local food to more than 15,000 homes. 

Good, sustainable food at fair prices, is hard to find and demand for artisanal food is increasing dramatically. Typically more than 65% of the retail price of food lies in the supply chain cost. Oooby’s model nearly halves this cost by eliminating much of the handling, storage, transport, and merchandising costs usually associated with food retail.Their model enables producers to earn more without customers paying more. 

Their long term goal is to develop and open and secure marketplace that nourishes one billion lives - think “Etsy for Food”. In a time where technology is reaching incredible capabilities globally, people are instead returning their attention to local and natural products, wanting to live in a way that respects and nourishes the planet we share. Ooooby is in a position to unite these movements to their advantage, using powerful new technology to facilitate the growth of sustainable businesses worldwide into a network that respects and rewards individual participants whilst still being able to rival the largest players in the space.